Found an incredibly useful app for finding people to follow on Mastodon. It crawls your social graph then finds the people who your followers follow the most that you don't follow.

Don't forget to use @misp feed overlap matrix. It's a quick way to spot the overlapping/similar feeds from different sources such as external CTI feeds but also the cached MISP instances.

#CTI #threatintel #misp

If you want to check on your instance, it's in /feeds/compareFeeds

I'm trying to list all instances related to infosec and hacking (in no particular order):


Am I missing any others? 🤔 Feel free to boost this!

If you want to really make a difference, reactivate your Twitter account and start trying to convince as many people as possible to move over to other platforms. Post articles about which other platforms are better, let everyone know your reasons for leaving, DM your friends and convince them to join in, spam your followers with links to your other social media profiles. Make Twitter as unusable as possible for anything other than migrating to other platforms. If you already deleted your account, you have 30 days (1 year if you're verified) to log back in and your account will be reactivated with all your followers intact. The only way to save Twitter is by destroying it.

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Several Mastodon instances (including Newsie) have come under cyber-attack recently by state-level actors.

If you are the admin of a Mastodon Instance that overlaps arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, or democracy and would like FREE cyber security protection from Cloudflare as part of Project Galileo please reach out as Fourth Estate is a long-time Project Galileo partner


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Finally it is there: A GUI version of PortexAnalyzer🔎

PortexAnalyzer is a free PE parser tailored for malware analysis. It uses the library PortEx.

#PortEx #PortexAnalyzer

The best advice I have for anyone just coming here is to replace the location of the Twitter app on your phone with Mastodon and let your own muscle memory force you into adapting.

Bringing #FollowFriday here cause bulding networks outside of Twitter is one of surest ways to fight back:


Law and (actual) experts in free speech issues:

Looking to follow more people of color on here that fall into these areas. Open to your recs!

Auto-sync from birdsite 

This will probably be my last direct post to Twitter. My account may or may not stay active, and I may or may not get to delete old posts. Auto-syncing from @rene_mobile has now been disabled. Please follow me on the Fediverse for further updates.

If you're trying to find journalists on Mastodon, I've created a verified database of several hundred here: Since the backlog has become enormous, the unverified waiting list is now public also:

Twitter suspending the official Mastodon account and blocking linking to Mastodon should be the final nail. Streisand effect will do the rest.

On le sait, l'attribution d'une cyber-attaque (« c'est les Chinois ! ») est un exercice difficile. Il faut analyser l'attaque, parvenir à une certitude et, ensuite, assumer de révéler publiquement l'origine. Le livre de Mark Corcoral étudie cette question de l'attribution notamment sous l'angle des accusations par les États-Unis : comment se fait l'attribution publique et suivant quels méandres politiques ?


Comme le soleil, les machines ne se couchent jamais.