60 Minutes Australia - The invisible enemy : cyber terrorists - « We are on the new battlefield. »


Cyber Warfare : America is under attack and you are the first line of defense


🇧🇪 Une partie des systèmes informatiques de la Ville de Liège (liege.be) impactée par une attaque informatique.


Infection Monkey is an open source security tool for testing a data center's resiliency to perimeter breaches and internal server infection.


The Atlas of Surveillance is a database of the surveillance technologies deployed by law enforcement in communities across the United States. This includes drones, body-worn camera, automated license plate readers, facial recognition, and more.


시사저널 « 원자력연구원, 서버 뚫렸다. 北 해킹의심...은폐의혹 » 기사에 대하여 한국원자력연구원은 다음과 같이 설명 드립니다


Apple Security Team rewarded me $18,000 USD as a part of their bounty program but I refused to receive it. Please read this article to know why I refused. Selling these kind of vulnerabilities to government agencies or private bounty programs like zerodium could have made a lot more money. I chose the ethical way and I didn't expect anything more than the outlined bounty amounts by Apple.


Agentes de la Policía Nacional han detenido en la localidad alicantina de Benidorm a un presunto pederasta que había logrado acceder a las cámaras de vigilancia doméstica de más de 70 familias de diferentes países del mundo y, así, obtener más de 1.000 grabaciones de niños desnudos, siendo identificados dos de ellos en España.


The protocol used by ThroughTek lacks a secure key exchange. It relies instead on an obfuscation scheme based on a fixed key. The risk of using vulnerable cameras is unauthorized access to confidential audio/video camera feeds. For critical infrastructure operators, this could reveal sensitive business, production and employee information. P2P is used by multiple camera vendors and today's disclosure is another reason to check whether your CCTV solution has this feature.


An exploit vector in Google Docs that attackers are using to deliver malicious phishing. Hackers are bypassing static link scanners by hosting their attacks in publicly known services.


A hacker claims to have accessed the database of French ISP « Free » and is now selling access to it for $2,000 on a forum.


Fake DarkSide Campaign Targets Energy and Food Sectors - Threat actors behind a recent campaign pose as DarkSide in a bid to deceive targets into paying ransom.


7 ans de prison requis contre l'ancien agent de la DGSI Christophe Boutry aka « Haurus » accusé d'avoir revendu des données confidentielles sur l'internet clandestin en profitant de ses accès.


CFE CGC Adecco : mauvaise surprise ce matin pour l'ensemble des salariés du groupe Adecco qui, sur les cinq continents, ont été confrontés à une panne internet.


Plus anciens

Comme le soleil, les machines ne se couchent jamais.